Lunch Program and Extended School Care

STCS hot lunch program is offered by Patricia’s Lunchbox, a professional school lunch caterer with more than 10 years in the school lunch business and 30 years before that in the restaurant industry, including being one of the founders of Sweetish Hill.

Students, teachers and staff have the flexibility to choose the day they want to participate in the hot lunch program. Lunch meals can be purchased online by semester and by day. If they do not know which days they will be eating, they can purchase a punch card and come eat with us when they choose without advance notice.  To order milk, please complete the milk form. Milk is only available for the semester, not individual days.

Patricia’s Lunchbox prepares meals daily from fresh ingredients, purchases them from local businesses as much as possible and cooks food in their central Austin kitchen, and also, as on pizza day, made fresh at STCS just prior to serving. Patricia’s Lunchbox is a NUT-FREE lunch provider.

1. Food is only available during school lunch hours.

2. All meals are nutritionally balanced and include a protein, starch, vegetable and fruit all prepared that day with no additives or preservatives. There are seconds on fruit and vegetables on the salad bar, which has at least 14 items daily to choose from. Seconds on protein and starch are often available, but not guaranteed.

3. Slightly smaller portions are served to the Pre-K, K and 1st grade, which is reflected in the price.

4. Field Trip Policy: Patricia’s Lunchbox offers a bagged lunch (sandwich, fruit & vegetable) for any child who has enrolled for that day if the teacher gives us a week’s notice. Please notify Bridget, the kitchen manager. We can have those meals ready before lunch if needed.

The STCS Extended Care Program is offered to enrolled PK-8th Grade St. Theresa’s Catholic School students. Operational hours are:​ Monday, 3:10 pm to 5:45 pm, Tuesday-Friday, 3:30 pm to 5:45 pm; during the school year unless indicated otherwise on the school calendar.  All students will be provided an afternoon snack, homework time, and outside playtime at the playground or soccer field.

Early Releases:
Students who are enrolled in a monthly program are accepted into Extended Care at their early release time at 12:00 noon for PK-8th Grade at no additional cost. The fees for early release days and drop-ins are listed below.

STCS Extended Care Program Tuition
Monday (3:10 pm-5:45 pm),
Tuesday-Friday (3:30 pm-5:45 pm): $250.00 per child/month

• Drop-in rate:  $20.00 per child/day
• Drop-in rate first 15 minutes:  $10.00 per child/day
• Early Release Drop-in rate:  $25.00 per child/day
*​A late pick-up will be assessed should your child be picked up at or after ​5:46 pm​.

All prospective families will be provided additional literature on the STCS lunch and extended care program.