Middle School (6th-8th Grade)

St. Theresa’s Catholic School middle school consists of grades 6 – 8. The core academic courses Religion, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Foreign Language are grade specific. Elective classes allow students to gain exposure to new subjects and may combine students from different grades. Spirituality – As a parochial school, St. Theresa’s Catholic School is part of the faith community of St. Theresa Church. Religion is formally taught every day, and Catholic values are integrated into all subjects. Students attend and actively participate in weekly Mass. We believe Catholic education should inspire children to become instruments of God’s grace and to work for justice in the world. Community Service As part of our students’ adult formation, each middle school student is asked to perform community service during school hours each school year. Students are required to volunteer 15 hours per school year. St. Theresa’s Little Way Award is given to honor students who earn the most service hours outside of school hours. Each grade is assigned a general area of service:

6th Grade: Poverty 7th Grade: Elder Care 8th Grade: Persons with Disabilities

Curriculum – Students are challenged to develop academic and physical skills, pursue knowledge, and critically study and analyze the world in which they live. The academic program is designed to build upon the strong foundation that students acquired in the lower grades and prepare them to excel in future educational opportunities. The faculty strives to instill in students a lifelong love of learning. The middle school program is student-focused, rather than subject-focused. For more information, please see the Curriculum Guide. Recognition & Awards – Students are encouraged to develop leadership and responsibility skills. Middle school students are selected for membership in the Junior National Honor Society based on academics, leadership, community service and citizenship skills. Students who participate in intra-school community service opportunities and maintain good conduct earn the citizenship award. Graduating students may graduate with distinction based on academics and community service. School Organizations Students have the opportunity to continue their intellectual, physical and social development by participating in a variety of school organizations. St. Theresa’s students successfully participate in the Private School Interscholastic Association’s academic competition. Many students have advanced to and placed at the state competition level. Students participate in a school-wide science fair with top-placing projects advancing to the Diocese of Austin competition. Athletic Programs  Competitive athletics are available to St. Theresa’s students in grades 5 – 8. St. Theresa’s Tigers compete in the Austin Interparochial League. Practices for team sports are held after school with over 90% of the middle school students participating. St. Theresa’s Catholic School fields a team each season:

FALL: girls’ volleyball, boys’ flag & tackle football WINTER: girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball SPRING: co-ed soccer, track, tennis, golf

Additionally, cheerleading is offered in grades 7th – 8th.  A regulation-size gymnasium is available on campus for all teams. St. Theresa’s Catholic School has a no-cut policy. Required & Elective Courses Sixth Grade: (details)

·      Religion ·      English (Literature and Composition) ·      Life Science ·      Social Studies (World History) ·      Mathematics (Grade Level & Pre-Algebra Prep) ·      Foreign Language (Spanish/Latin) ·      Physical Education ·      Elective Rotation: Drama, Art, Music, Technology, Band (offered after school)

Seventh Grade: (details)

·      Religion ·      English (Literature and Composition) ·      Earth Science ·      History (Texas) ·      Mathematics (Grade Level, Pre-Algebra Advanced and Algebra*) ·      Foreign Language (Spanish* or Latin*) ·      Physical Education ·      Fine Arts, Technology and Science Electives ·      Band (offered after school)

Eighth Grade: (details)

·      Religion ·      English (Literature and Composition) ·      Physical Science ·      History (American) ·      Mathematics (Grade Level, Pre-Algebra, Algebra* and Geometry*) ·      Foreign Language (Spanish* or Latin*) ·      Physical Education ·      Communication Applications* ·      Fine Arts, Technology and Science Electives ·      Band (offered after school)

*courses offered for high school credit

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