Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

The primary focus in these grades is on core curriculum and on preparing students for Middle School. Students are challenged to develop academic and physical skills, pursue knowledge, and critically study and analyze the world in which they live. Fundamental skills are emphasized in religion, math, language arts, science and social studies. Intermediate students also participate in enrichment classes in fine arts, Spanish, physical education, library, liturgical music and technology. To further enhance their curriculum, classes also go on field trips and bring in outside programs to the school. New parents should review the expectations for entering students: 3rd, 4th & 5th.


Language Arts

The language arts curriculum is an integrated program of reading, writing, English grammar, spelling and handwriting. To build a strong foundation in this focus area, language arts skills are developed in a logical progression. Student achievement is frequently assessed, and instruction is tailored to meet the students’ needs as indicated.

The reading program develops comprehension skills, vocabulary proficiency, and a love of reading. A structured basal reader system, coupled with the study of selected novels, provides reinforcement, practice and enrichment of basic skills. Students apply their knowledge in all areas of the curriculum as they read textbooks and research materials. The Accelerated Reader program supplements the reading program and is available to all students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Students develop the ability to communicate both orally and in writing using a variety of approaches at each grade level. Book reports, journals, several forms of essays, and content area reports are examples of writing projects. The students have access to a variety of information sources, including the internet, when preparing their writing projects.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum conveys a body of knowledge that integrates history with economics, geography, civics, and culture. The curriculum equips students with specific skills that will help them become informed and involved citizens as well as to further their language arts and research skills..


The math curriculum emphasizes the development of proficiency in procedures, computation and problem-solving skills. From Pre-K to 8th grade, investigations and technology enrich and support learning. By 5th grade, logical reasoning, analysis, conceptualization and written mathematics are strong components in preparation for middle school achievement.


The science curriculum further provides opportunities for students to investigate and inquire about the world. Students receive instruction engaging in the scientific process with inquiry skills. At each grade level, topics in life science, earth science, physical science and the human body are explored. Hands-on activities such as experiments, models, nature walks, and student projects are emphasized. Technology is integrated throughout the science curriculum with the use of interactive learning. Reading and writing skills are reinforced and extended in this content area for application of scientific skills and theory.

Study Skills

This fifth grade course focuses on the transition to Middle School by helping to develop effective study skills in students. Students are given an introduction to managing time, being organized, taking notes and preparing for tests, and learn to assess their personal study habits and establish a strong foundation for independent learning.

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