School Advisory Board


The purpose of the School Advisory Board is to assist the Pastor and Principal in an advisory capacity by recommending local school policies in compliance with Canon Law of the Church and the policies and directives of the Diocese of Austin. The School Advisory Board is not responsible for the administration of the school but recommends policies to the Principal and Pastor for their consideration. Since the School Advisory Board’s authority derives from the Pastor, the Pastor can veto any School Advisory Board recommendation.

Advisory Board Members of St. Theresa’s Catholic School

The School Advisory Board consists of up to nine (9) members nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by majority vote of the Advisory Board after being approved by the Pastor. Majority of the Advisory Board must be persons who are not the parent, grandparent or legal guardian of a student attending the school. At least two-thirds of the Advisory Members shall either be clergy with facilities in the Diocese of Austin, an Eucharistic minister who is in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church or a lay individual who is a registered member of a parish in the Diocese of Austin and who is in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  The Board is advisory and has no power to take action on behalf of the School or Parish.


Regular meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of the month. School parents are encouraged to attend any regular meeting. All School Advisory Board meetings are open meetings with the exception of executive sessions and work sessions. No motions are voted upon except in an open meeting. Meeting minutes are posted on Renweb.


Strategic Planning: The School Advisory Board sets long-range goals and objectives for the school in the Five Year Long Range Strategic Plan. On an annual basis, short-term goals are set for each school year, using the Strategic Plan as a guide.

Policy-Making: The School Advisory Board recommends polices consistent with the policies set forth in the Handbook of School Policies from the Austin Diocesan Education Board. It is the responsibility of the School Principal to implement and administer such policies.

Budgeting: The School Finance Committee, in conjunction with the School Principal, prepares an annual budget to be approved by the School Advisory Board.

School Advisory Board Committees

The School Advisory Board has the following mandatory Standing Committees:

  • Catholic Mission Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nomination Committee

Additional Committees reporting to the Advisory Board:

  • Development and Marketing
  • Technology
  • Tiger PTO
  • Communication
  • Handbook Policy

The School Advisory Board can be emailed at