Lunch Program

St. Theresa’s Catholic School’s hot lunch program is provided by L & L Catering and offers students economical and nutritious meals in a friendly and hygienic environment.

Students and teachers have the flexibility to choose the days they want to participate in the hot lunch program. Lunches are sold on a quarterly, prepaid basis to ensure proper planning and portioning. Salad is available daily for students and staff members who are watching their diet. All meals come with dessert and drink (lemonade or Kool-Aid). Milk is available for a minimal charge. To order milk, please complete the milk order form and return it with your check, payable to St. Theresa’s Catholic School, to the school office.

Special Days

Saint’s Day: On the second Monday of each month, we recognize a different saint by having ice cream sundaes for dessert. If you are not participating in the hot lunch program but want your child to have a sundae, you may prepay for the semester in advance.

Around the World Day: One day per month, students are given the opportunity to experience foods from other countries.

Birthdays: Students receive a complimentary cupcake, whether or not they participate in the hot lunch program.

Pizza Day: On Fridays, pizza and pasta are served in addition to the salad bar.

A La Carte

Side items will be offered at a small cost for all students (whether part of the hot lunch program or not) who need a little extra food and for middle school students who want a snack for after-school activities.


1. Food is only available during school lunch hours.

2. Students should participate in the hot lunch program only on those days for which they are signed up. However, if students are not signed up for hot lunch and forget their lunch, parents may pre-authorize them to receive a hot lunch. (See the Hot Lunch Order Form) If this pre-authorization is declined, then the student will be provided a complimentary PB&J sandwich and drink.

3. A hot lunch meal consists of: a main entree, vegetable dish, fruit dish, drink and dessert.

4. Smaller age-appropriate portions will be given to younger students (Pre-K and K) while larger age-appropriate portions will be given to older students (1st – 8th grade).

5. L & L Catering offers two choices on the main entree. Students can get second portions for their chosen entree, as well as sides at no extra cost.

6. In addition to the daily main entree choices, substitutions of hot dog, quesadilla or PB&J sandwich will be provided for those who do not like the hot lunch of the day.

7. Since Pizza Day is an outsourced item, we limit 2 slices for Pre-K and K and 4 slices for grades 1 – 8. Students can have unlimited servings of pasta and salad.

8. Students receive a complimentary cupcake on their birthday, regardless of their participation in the hot lunch program.

9. Absence Policy: L & L Catering cannot reimburse for missed meals.
However, if a student is signed up for the hot lunch program every day for the whole quarter and misses 3 consecutive days due to illness, missed lunches may be credited to the next quarter upon receipt of a parental signed note explaining the reason for the absences.

10. Field Trip Policy: L & L Catering offers a brown bag lunch for field trips. This meal contains a choice of Ham, Turkey or PB&J sandwich, a whole fruit, chips, juice and dessert. At least one week’s notice from teachers is required.