Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees paid to the school are non-refundable and nontransferable.  Tuition may be paid in full by June 10th, in two payments due June and November, or in ten (10) monthly payments. Families choosing the ten-month plan are required to use the STCS tuition payment tool, FACTS. 2018-2019 Tuition rates are listed below and are per student.  St. Theresa’s Catholic School does not offer a sibling discount.

Pre-K – 1st Grade
Parish Rate: $7,125
Non-Parish Rate: $8,050

2nd – 5th Grade
Parish Rate: $6,850
Non-Parish Rate: $7,775

6th – 8th Grade
Parish Rate: $7,075
Non-Parish Rate: $8,000

Grade level fees: Each grade level has a Activity Fee and Technology & Materials fee.  Fees vary by grade level based on student activity. For more information about the 2018-2019 grade level fee please contact the Director of Enrollment, Mrs. Rachel Eckert, at (512) 451-7105 ext. 1025.

In order for a parish family to qualify for the “Parish Rate,” all of the following conditions must be met by the parish family:

1.     Registered with St. Theresa Catholic Church at least one year prior to the                          beginning date of the school year.

2.     Financially contributing to the parish on a regular basis* by:

a.     Parish envelope

b.     E-giving (either credit card or electronic check)

c.     Corporate gift matching program

3.     Participates in Liturgy and community of the parish on a regular basis.

*The parish sends each household a statement of tax-deductible contributions each January. If you have been a parish family member for more than a year and you are not receiving a statement, please follow up with the church office to ensure that you are properly registered and that your regular contributions are being properly credited to your family.

In order to maintain the current school year budget based on expected income, all school families are required to identify their yearly Tuition Payment Plan through FACTS.   Students will not be allowed to register for the next school year if any tuition and/or fees are delinquent.

Late Fee

Tuition payments are made through FACTS.  A late fee will be added onto all tuition payments not received by your designated FACTS withdrawal date.  The school administration reserves the right to suspend Renweb privileges in the event fees are not received within the prescribed time.

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