Faculty and Staff


Fr. Larry Covington
pastor @sttaustin.org


Debbie Solcher (x1013)           
dsolcher @st-theresa.org


Ann Walters (x1015)
awalters @st-theresa.org

Director of Admissions & Development

Suzanne Leggett (x1025)
Direct Line: 275-7255
sleggett @st-theresa.org

Business Manager

Theresa Keane (x1014)
Direct Line: 275-7257

Administrative Assistant – School

Debbie Stapper (x1012)
dstapper @st-theresa.org

Administrative Assistant – Bus. Office

Patricia Thomas (x1030)
pthomas @st-theresa.org


Sharon Taylor  (x1021)
Direct Line: 275-7258
staylor @st-theresa.org

School Nurse

Mary Ellen Umstattd (x1022)
Direct Line: 512-275-7256
nurse @st-theresa.org

Technology Coordinator

Denise Cole
dcole @st-theresa.org

Lunchroom Coordinator

Mila Dinglasan
lunchroom @st-theresa.org


Howard McDonald

Extended Care Coordinator

Angela Herrera (x2043)
extendedcare @st-theresa.org
698-2863 (Ext. Care Cell)


Terri Lindstrom (x1035)
tlindstrom @st-theresa.org

The Learning Center Teacher

Kim Lewis (x1029)

Technology Teacher

Eric Ruffalo (x1075)

Art Teacher

Elise Roe (x2038)
eroe @st-theresa.org

Music Teacher

Timothy Bushong (x1061)
tbushong @st-theresa.org

Elementary (K–5th) Spanish

Patricia Clinton (x2016)
pclinton @st-theresa.org

PE Teacher & MS Coach

Clare Sprinkle (x2030)
csprinkle @st-theresa.org

PE Teacher & MS Coach

Paul Salazar(x2010)
psalazar @st-theresa.org

Pre-K (A) Teacher

Lindsey Weiler (x2024)

Pre-K (A) Aide

 Suzette Caballero (X2013)

Pre-K (B) Teacher

Debbie Crowley (x2014)
dcrowley @st-theresa.org

Pre-K (B) Aide

Melissa Kelly (x2050)

Kindergarten (A) Teacher

Nicole Kruszona (x1080)
nkruszona @st-theresa.org

Kindergarten (A) Aide

Emily Leggett (x2012)
eleggett @st-theresa.org

Kindergarten (B) Teacher

Kirsten Szewczyk (x1081)
kszewczyk @st-theresa.org

Kindergarten (B) Aide

Janelle Black (X2032)

First Grade (A) Teacher

Mary McMaster (x1063)
mmcmaster @st-theresa.org

First Grade (A) Aide

Cindy Coleman (x2028)
ccoleman @st-theresa.org

First Grade (B) Teacher

Holly Rasoulian (x2024)

First Grade (B) Aide

Ann Hollis (x2028)

Second Grade (A) Teacher

Tanya Childs

Second Grade (B) Teacher

Melanie Moore (x1066)
mmoore @st-theresa.org

Third Grade (A) Teacher

Tania Huth (x1065)
thuth @st-theresa.org

Third Grade (B) Teacher

Kristen Rahtz (x1066)
krathz @st-theresa.org

Fourth Grade (A) Teacher
Math & Science

Melissa Estes (X2029)
mestes @st-theresa.org

Fourth Grade (B) Teacher
Language Arts

Brigid Cisneroz (x1113)
bcisneroz @st-theresa.org

Fifth Grade (A) Teacher
5th Social Studies, Religion, LA

Candy Vieira (x1115)
cvieira @st-theresa.org

Fifth Grade (B) Teacher
5th  Math & Science

Lynne Freitag (x1116)                       
lfreitag @st-theresa.org

MS Drama Teacher

Matt Tucker (x1111)
mtucker @st-theresa.org

MS (6th–8th) Latin

Dr. Michael Murphy (x1111)
mmurphy @st-theresa.org

MS Math & Algebra

Mike Wendling (x1216)
mwendling @st-theresa.org

MS Math & Algebra

 John Steinhardt(x2011)
jsteinhardt @st-theresa.org

MS grade Language Arts

 Paula McHale(x2040)
pmchale @st-theresa.org

MS Science

Maria Shield (x2047)
mshield @st-theresa.org

MS Spanish

Raquel Colom (x1212)
rcolom @st-theresa.org

MS Social Studies

Ted Frost (x1214)
tfrost @st-theresa.org

MS Religion

Debbie Spurlin (x1215)
dspurlin @st-theresa.org

Religion Coordinator

Dustin Parks (X1028)
dparks @st-theresa.org

Extracurricular Academic Programs

PSIA:  Anna Fletcher (parent volunteer)

Extreme Math:
Grades 4–6 After School, Elise Roe – eroe @st-theresa.org
Grades 7–8 Elective Course, John Steinhardt – jsteinhardt @st-theresa.org 

Robotics (Middle School):
Mike Stevens (parent volunteer) – n722pc @gmail.com

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