We Turn Students Into Leaders

Located in Northwest Austin, St. Theresa’s Catholic School is an award-winning Catholic school serving Pre-K – 8th grade students. As a parochial school, St. Theresa’s offers students more than an excellent education. It offers them a strong, integrated community to be part of, one that propels them to reach their full potential. A special place with strong spiritual principles and high academic standards, St. Theresa’s helps today’s children grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

“The St. Theresa’s Catholic School community is really better described as a family … I have become good friends with many parents through Booster Club community building events like the annual parents’ Kickball Tournament, the Dads vs. Dads Basketball Tournament and the Friday morning coffee socials. I feel blessed to be a part of such a great community, and I believe the families at STCS are truly one of the school’s greatest assets.” – Matt Kleiman, STCS Parent

“If you want to see the true meaning of the Eucharist, look through the eyes of a second grader! Their innocence and open hearts are a true reminder of the special importance of this Holy Sacrament. My faith is constantly renewed by spending this preparation time with them each year.” – Melanie Moore, STCS 2nd Grade Teacher

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